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Do you want to buy at but you live outside Italy? is an italian company. Our warehouse is located in the beautiful city of Genova, in north-western coast of Italy but we sell in Italy only and we don't ship outside Italy.

Using a forwarder to consolidate your italian orders before shipping to your own country

Nevertheless several customers found a way to buy from outside italian borders or overseas by using a so-called forwarder.
A forwarder is a company that will collect your order at its facility in Italy either consolidating it with other purchases you place in different italian stores and will then take care to group all orders in one shipping them all to your final destination.
You just need to open an account with the forwarder getting a personal account number and then place the order at following instructions provided by forwarder for example indicating their warehouse address as shipping destination.

Restrictions and limits

Using a forwarder is a comfortable way to buy from abroad at but before buying you must consider the following important restrictions: DOES NOT SELL AND SHIP OUTSIDE ITALY for company policies.
Buying throughout local buyers located in Italy who arrange consolidation and shipping outside italian borders is not considered a foreign sale. responsibility ends as soon as our parcel is delivered to the italian destination (i.e.: forwarder's facility).
We recommend to ask your forwarder to check the status of the products as soon as it is picked up by their personnel. We remind you that the product status and packaging of all orders at are video-recorded.

If you are interested in buying at from outside Italy, here you can find some forwarder suggested by google

How to buy in Italy and ship to my address